Projekt E racer Natalie sees a bright electric vehicle future post-Covid 19

Natalie Barratt rally cross driver electric Projekt E Electric Revolution Sta

The world has an opportunity to change course and not go back to its old ways after the Covid-19 lockdown comes to an end – and the pandemic, humanly tragic and economically shattering as it is, has alerted more people to the need for a cleaner planet.

If you think electric vehicles are boring – think again!

Natalie Barratt June 2020

The start of Projekt E – a brand new all-electric that supports the FIA World Rallycross Championship at selected European rounds, starting at Höljes in Sweden on 20 August – is therefore perfectly timed, as it help accelerate the automotive industry in developing new alternative energy technologies.

Natalie Barratt rally cross driver electric Projekt E Electric Revolution Stard

Whilst us humans have been in lockdown, wildlife has thrived. The air is cleaner, the water is clearer and greenhouse gas emissions have dramatically dropped.

The coronavirus pandemic has given people a chance to see what life is like without traffic congestion and more and more are now considering electric vehicles as a very realistic option

Natalie Barratt June 2020

There is an unfounded stigma regarding electric vehicles – especially in motorsport, where the purists like the heart-thumping noise of race engines revving at maximum rpm and aggressive anti-lag systems barking like a demented Rottweiler!

Natalie Barratt June 2020

The Stohl Advanced Research and Development (STARD) designed and developed Projekt E race car uses ground-breaking technology, with three electric motors – one at the front and two at the back – will propel the car from 0-60mph in 1.8 seconds. That’s faster than a Formula 1 car.

Natalie Barratt rally cross driver electric Projekt E Electric Revolution Stard

A recent international study concluded that there will be up to 7% less global carbon dioxide CO2 emissions recorded this year compared to 2019 because of the pandemic. That’s the biggest annual drop since World War II.

Motorsport has always played a big part in the development of new technologies in the car industry – and that industry is facing its biggest challenges post-Covid 19. The Projekt E rallycross series, which brings never-before-seen all-electric technology and performance, has arrived at the perfect time.

Natalie Barratt June 2020

That’s thanks to its ‘REVelution’ EV powertrain systems which produces up to 450kW (613bhp) combined power, 1100Nm of instantaneous torque and produce a top speed of 150mph (240km/h).

But the technology in Projekt E is mind-blowing and performance is incredible, with ninety per cent of the Projekt E car’s torque unleashed in around thirty-two milliseconds!

Natalie Barratt June 2020

Global warming and the environment are subjects that race driver Natalie Barratt is passionate about, and one of the reason why she was one of the first drivers in the world to put her name down to contest the series.

You have to embrace new technology. When my dad got his first mobile ‘phone, I remember it was the size of a briefcase – and that doesn’t seem like a very long time ago! Where there is demand, technology delivers.

Natalie Barratt June 2020

The short format of a rallycross race means that the all-electric car can operate at flat-out peak performance for the duration of the race, with no battery power management required.

Battery life and re-charging points currently put people off buying an electric vehicle for the road, especially outside cities. But these issues are being addressed and developed – and the urgency has never been greater. Motorsport will undoubted help find new solutions in all areas of electric vehicle technology, and Projekt E is pioneering many of these innovations.

Natalie Barratt June 2020

And the only female driver on the grid made her intentions public on International Women’s Day.

Doing my bit to help to develop electric vehicle technology is a big attraction to me wanting to compete in the Projekt E rallycross series – plus my love for speed and adventure of course!

Natalie Barratt June 2020

The opening round of the Projekt E series, which will support the FIA World Rallycross Championship at selected European rounds this year, will take place at Höljes in Sweden on 20 August.

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British Rally driver Natalie Barratt has returned to the world of motorsport this year with Projekt Electric. Natalie has got back behind the wheel, and she is fully charged. "Its electric and its mind blowing fast, what more could you ask for?" Natalie will be competing in ‘Projekt E’ series which is the leading electric support series to the FIA World Rallycross Championship. She drives the world 1st Electric Rallyx car. In its inaugurate season, the 4 rounds are all in Europe. "It’s a fantastic opportunity and I’m hugely grateful to be part of it’’ ‘‘To date I can’t confirm If I will manage to compete in all 4 rounds, as the budget isn’t complete yet, but I’m working hard on the case’’ ‘’At the moment I am concentrating on getting the rest of the budget in and getting physically prepared – it’s been a long time since I sat in a car, and it’s a monster off the line, amazing to drive ‘’

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