Fitness out of lockdown

Eco-friendly Natalie pedal powers out of lockdown

Eco-friendly Natalie Barratt has gone all-electric as she pedal powers out of coronavirus lockdown and prepares for the start of the new all-electric Projekt E series – and has been out training in the stunning Cumbrian countryside on her new Orbea Gain F40 electric hybrid bicycle.

And she loves it, as it gives her the freedom to explore the stunning, and hilly, Cumbrian countryside that she’s recently made her home.

“The Orbea might be an electric hybrid bicycle, but it still gives me a good cardio workout on a long ride up and down the hills of Cumbria – which is good physical preparation for the start of the Projekt E rallycross series,” says Natalie.

“I’ve taken advantage of less cars being on the road during the coronavirus lockdown and hit the road.

“It’s been nice to get out of my new house and explore the unfamiliar countryside.

“I’ve recently moved to Cumbria, which has a large number of wind farms. It’s nice to go and explore and it’s amazing how big the wind turbines look, especially when you’re sitting on a bicycle!

“I’m a very sociable person. I like to go to the gym and I enjoy meeting people, so I’ve found the isolation of lockdown very restricting and quite lonely at times. So going for a long ‘bike ride has been very good mentally too.”

And now for the controversial aftershock of Natalie being in lockdown.

“I’ve become a big fan of Piers Morgan – he’s been great during lockdown!

“He asks the questions people want answers too, and doesn’t give up until he gets answers.

“He’s been a breath of fresh air – like those Cumbria hills are on my Orbea bicycle!”

The opening round of the ground-breaking Projekt E series, which supports the FIA World Rallycross Championship at selected European rounds this year, will take place at Höljes in Sweden around 22 August.

Staying at home during lockdown has made people more aware of the energy they use, including Natalie.

“If everyone did something small, it would collectively make a big difference to the environment and the catastrophic consequences of continued global warming.

“I’m not the tree-hugging type, but what I do now is little things like make sure the washing machine is fully loaded. It doesn’t sound much, but you save electric, water and maximise the use of your detergent, which itself has taken energy to produce. All my appliances are now energy efficient – I’m very conscious of it.”


British Rally driver Natalie Barratt has returned to the world of motorsport this year with Projekt Electric. Natalie has got back behind the wheel, and she is fully charged. "Its electric and its mind blowing fast, what more could you ask for?" Natalie will be competing in ‘Projekt E’ series which is the leading electric support series to the FIA World Rallycross Championship. She drives the world 1st Electric Rallyx car. In its inaugurate season, the 4 rounds are all in Europe. "It’s a fantastic opportunity and I’m hugely grateful to be part of it’’ ‘‘To date I can’t confirm If I will manage to compete in all 4 rounds, as the budget isn’t complete yet, but I’m working hard on the case’’ ‘’At the moment I am concentrating on getting the rest of the budget in and getting physically prepared – it’s been a long time since I sat in a car, and it’s a monster off the line, amazing to drive ‘’

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