Ken Block !! and just now Mads Ostberg

I had a feeling Ken was coming !! What a line up and thankfully I don’t have to keep that quiet any more!!

OMG the pressure is on …. I also think I’d better pick up my American slang a little more, like sycked, stoked, rad, ummmm not sure about that one but I’m good with awesome!!

………..because that about sums it up …. and now…… Citreon !!

Wow Wow Wow ! This really is fantastic for Electric Rally and everyone involved in this new revolution!

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Natalie Barratt Female Rally Driver Projekt E Series


British Rally driver Natalie Barratt has returned to the world of motorsport this year with Projekt Electric. Natalie has got back behind the wheel, and she is fully charged. "Its electric and its mind blowing fast, what more could you ask for?" Natalie will be competing in ‘Projekt E’ series which is the leading electric support series to the FIA World Rallycross Championship. She drives the world 1st Electric Rallyx car. In its inaugurate season, the 4 rounds are all in Europe. "It’s a fantastic opportunity and I’m hugely grateful to be part of it’’ ‘‘To date I can’t confirm If I will manage to compete in all 4 rounds, as the budget isn’t complete yet, but I’m working hard on the case’’ ‘’At the moment I am concentrating on getting the rest of the budget in and getting physically prepared – it’s been a long time since I sat in a car, and it’s a monster off the line, amazing to drive ‘’

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