UK Electric Revolution 2021

2021 is going to be very special and I’m working very hard to bring an ERX car over to compete in the 5 Nations (BRX) where I will go head to head with the ICE cars….

I like to be first to the party

WINNER – ProjektE RallyCross Champion

Natalie Barratt has been crowned the inaugural Projekt E International Series champion.

Having finished on the podium at the opening round in Sweden, the 45-year old Cumbria-based driver took the lead of the series after another strong points-scoring finish in Latvia.

Grip Trained!

I’ve never driven or raced on a rally ‘cross track’. Then, to be racing at Holjes Sweden – it was certainly not how it looks on TV. From the driving seat its wildly different! It is a totally different discipline to what I have been used to and what I trained for many years to do.Continue reading “Grip Trained!”


Only EV racing drivers will understand this most ‘un-natural’ feeling of sitting, poised on the start line, in a deathly quiet race car….. hands and feet …. at the ready! There are no REVS, no anti-lag, no popping & banging, literally no engine noise………….. whatsoever!   This feeling is really quite extraordinary. The whole weekend wasContinue reading “…..Shhhhhh!!”

Historic debuts – Projekt E Series Q3, Q4 & Final

Well, you have now witnessed an Historic Event! PROJEKT E Debut Series. It’s been a weekend of firsts for me … First time race in Rallycross First time competing in a Ford First time racing an Electric Car First time with a Spotter First time to jump a start 🙈/ let’s hope the last (Q3)Continue reading “Historic debuts – Projekt E Series Q3, Q4 & Final”

Natalie set for all-electric Projekt E rallycross Motorsport comeback

By, Nicky Grist Motor Sport News 21st August 2020 Exactly 13 years and two months after her last motorsport outing, former FIA World Rally Championship star Natalie Barratt is making a dramatic return to competition this weekend – driving in the new all-electric Projekt E Rallycross series at Höljes in Sweden. Natalie, who wears a StiloContinue reading “Natalie set for all-electric Projekt E rallycross Motorsport comeback”

Swedish facts

Sweden is a Scandinavian nation with thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes, along with vast boreal forests and glaciated mountains. Its principal cities, eastern capital Stockholm and southwestern Gothenburg and Malmö, are all coastal. Stockholm is built on 14 islands. It has more than 50 bridges, as well as the medieval old town, GamlaContinue reading “Swedish facts”


It really doesn’t get much more exciting than this. The pent up energy of something that is going to be so monumentous. After North England’s Electric Storm last night, I think my Angel Number 41 is sending me a sign. Even felt like sleeping with my rubber boots and overalls on last night. It wasContinue reading “STARD’S SNEEKY PEEK”

Watch RallyX LIVE

Qualifying starts on SATURDAY 22nd August All action 09.50am. 12 noon SUNDAY August 23rd. Download the app to your device or smart TV here. Register here to view the racing…… The countdown begins for Sweden! Tune in and watch the most exciting event to happen in Motorsport for a long time. Join me NatalieContinue reading “Watch RallyX LIVE”

Happy Monday

No Monday morning gloom in our house. Game face on and teeth in (joke I still have my own). So, people what to know about the differences between Rallying and Rally cross, and my return to Motorsport so this week it’s interview and podcast week. Ummmm can I talk for an hour about my rallyingContinue reading “Happy Monday”

“Blood, Sweat but no tears!”

Phew…….It has been a long a stressful couple of weeks! All the paperwork, medicals, ECGs, licence tests are the norm in the sport, but never in my life time has it been made so difficult with a pandemic running alongside. I have had many messages of support from fellow drivers, teams, mechanics, potential sponsors, friendsContinue reading ““Blood, Sweat but no tears!””

Fitness out of lockdown

Eco-friendly Natalie pedal powers out of lockdown

Eco-friendly Natalie Barratt has gone all-electric as she pedal powers out of coronavirus lockdown and prepares for the start of the new all-electric Projekt E series – and has been out training in the stunning Cumbrian countryside on her new Orbea Gain F40 electric hybrid bicycle.

And she loves it, as it gives her the freedom to explore the stunning, and hilly, Cumbrian countryside that she’s recently made her home.

It’s in my DNA

It’s in my DNA

Projekt E boss says Natalie has driving skills that you just don’t lose

Natalie Barratt was one of the best female rally drivers there has ever been and is now a huge assist to the new all-electric Projekt E rallycross series – and that’s the view of a man who should know.


Equality Article written by – Paul Evans – Director at Fablass Ltd – Motorsport journalist at Motoring News (1987-1994). Paul joined Knightsbridge-based automotive PR agency Avenue Communications in 1994 – working with Mobil 1, before becoming Ford WRC Team Media Manager. Natalie’s Daughter is behind hers fight for a more a cleaner future and equality Natalie BarrattContinue reading “Equality”

Post-Covid 19

Projekt E racer Natalie sees a bright electric vehicle future post-Covid 19

Article Paul Evans – Director at Fablass Ltd – Motorsport journalist at Motoring News (1987-1994)

Paul joined Knightsbridge-based automotive PR agency Avenue Communications in 1994 – working with Mobil 1, before becoming Ford WRC Team Media Manager.

First Test Drive – Austria

Natalie Barratt British Female Rally Driver – Here is footage produced by Stard on my first test drive in Austria – 8th July 2020. A historical moment as I was the first woman to drive this car. Personally, it was my first drive of a rally cross car after some time being out of the driving seat and being back behind the wheel brought tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you to Stard for this footage.

Focus on the Positives!

Natalie Barratt has one simple rule that has helped her overcome and achieve so much in life – and that is to look at everything as a strength.

And that’s her philosophy as the mother of two prepares to return to Motorsport after a break of 13 years – contesting the brand new all-electric Projekt E – a support race series held at selected European rounds of the FIA World Rallycross Championship.

Natalie’s Paddock Playlist – Music

Paddock Playlist Natalie Barratt Rally X Driver – British Female

Projekt E racer Natalie sees a bright electric vehicle future post-Covid 19

The world has an opportunity to change course and not go back to its old ways after the Covid-19 lockdown comes to an end – and the pandemic, humanly tragic and economically shattering as it is, has alerted more people to the need for a cleaner planet.


WHATS IT ALL ABOUT       IMG UNVEILS PROJEKT E RACECAR Friday 13th of September 2019 IMG ushered in a bold new era in motorsport with the global reveal of the all-electric racecar which will compete in the electric development series, codenamed Projekt E, in 2020. The official unveiling of the Projekt E racecar,Continue reading “PROJEKT E”