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    When a company sponsors me they’re usually looking for one of three things:

    • Access to a specific audience that they wouldn’t otherwise get in front of.
    • Marketing value and raising awareness of their brand.
    • CSR (corporate social responsibility) reasons.

    Sometimes, it can be a mix of the three. Whichever outcome you are expecting, a return on investment is very much to the forefront of my mind and this is something we take into full consideration. I want to be sure that my sponsors are sure about the return they will get.

    Advantages of sponsoring me?

    Return on your investment – more sales? more customers? greater employee engagement? Some of the benefits of sponsoring me may include….

    1. Boosting your brand together

    • Brand stature: achieve more stature in the marketplace. Your branding will be on show and it will also be to an audience within your target audience.
    • Brand attitude: if you are trying to align your company with a certain demographic and a certain attitude, sponsoring me is definitely a great way to realign brand positioning. You only need to look at Red Bull that sponsors other sports events and athletes. This is because Red Bull wants to attract the attention of a sporting audience.
    • Brand loyalty: If you are looking to break into a new audience / customer base, sponsoring me can help link with that audience and create genuine loyalty.

    2. Investing in your workforce together

    Maybe this is the lift for many of your employees – hoping this may help your company to re-align and have a common focus as well as shared conversation and desire to support. Let your staff boast and empower them to become involved.

    3. Network & Cross Promote together

    So many companies rely on online methods and social media for lead generation, sponsoring me enables a great opportunity to get face-to-face with real people and famous people catapulting your company into the spotlight!.

    Sponsors are given the opportunity to meet with me and the team as well as other event attendees enabling you to capture their data. Events such as networking parties, after a speaker session or tradeshow booths. All of which, ultimately leads to increased sales, a huge sponsorship advantage.

    If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities please get in touch.

    In my opinion, Natalie is one of the best female rally drivers there has ever been,” says Manfred Stohl

    Manfred Stohl (Group M World Champion, World Rally Champion & Stard owner (Stohl Advanced Research and Development) 2020


      hours  minutes  seconds


    ROUND 3 : 21/22 November 2020 Spa World RX of Benelux @ Spa Francorchamps

    Cover : Tom Banks Photography

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